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Champions Give Glory to Christ!

As a football fan, the bad news is the season is now over until the college season kicks off on Labor Day weekend. But the good news is you can enjoy WOODLAWN as often as you’d like between now and the start of the 2016 season. If you haven’t picked up your copy of this…

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Faith, Football, and Freedom!

One of the side stories in WOODLAWN is the work of the school board member who is appalled that the white players and the African-American players were coming together in the name of Christ. He figured if he could kick Christ out, then the true brotherhood that was occurring first at Woodlawn High and then…

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Woodlawn a High-Impact Movie for Families!

A recent story about great family movies sung the praises of WOODLAWN. “The movie has excellent, notable actors, compelling cinematography, and engaging storytelling. Sean Astin wonderfully plays Hank Erwin and Jon Voight delightfully performs Coach Bear Bryant. … Critics have praised this movie for raising the bar as a game-changer in artistry for faith-based, redemptive,…

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Sincere Condolences to Andrew Smith’s Family

At times, it can seem like sports plays too big of a role in our culture—and if we’re honest, in our own lives. But often, sports can paint a vivid portrait of life’s wins, losses, and everyday battles. Earlier this week, Andrew Smith, a star player for Butler University during its runs to consecutive NCAA…

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Winning the Ultimate Game

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” George Halas Tonight’s National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama features two teams that have given their best since long before the season began in September. Now, on a mid-January Arizona evening, one team will earn a championship … and one team will live with an agonizing…

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Woodlawn Supporter, Benjamin Watson, Sees Revival On/Off The Field

Benjamin Watson has been a solid, yet unheralded tight end for most of his NFL career. Known more for his blocking skills than his yards per game average or his receiving touchdowns, Watson has been the consummate teammate while playing for the New England Patriots, the Cleveland Browns, and now, the New Orleans Saints. But…

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High School Football Coach Benched Over Post-Game Prayers

Embattled Bremerton (WA) High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy continues to face heavy scrutiny. Earlier this season, the school district began investigating the coach for walking to the 50-yard line after each game, taking a knee, and saying a brief prayer, a tradition he had held for the past seven years. After several warnings,…

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High School Student Is Penalized After Giving Glory To God

On October 17, Mexico High School quarterback Dante Turo scored a touchdown on a 73-yard run. At the end of the big play, the young Christian athlete did something he has routinely done many times before. Turo pointed to the sky. But this time, something unusual happened. One of the referees flagged the teen for…

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Can Christians & Critics Champion The Same Movie?

For years now, Christian movies have provided negative fodder for mainstream entertainment outlets and movie reviews. From criticisms about the overt gospel messages to heavy-handed critiques of the production value, faith-based films have rarely caught a break. But Woodlawn has done what some have deemed impossible: The latest Erwin Brothers offering has won over both…

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